Our terms and conditions



If you made a reservation, you can cancel without costs up to 8 days prior to the reserved date. If you cancel within 8 days of the reserved date you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. If you made a non-refundable prepaid booking, there’s no refund in case of cancellation.
We advise you to obtain trip insurance when you book your vacation.

Bonaire Marine Park Tag

All the waters surrounding Bonaire are part of the internationally recognized Bonaire National Marine Park. Before entering these waters, all users are required by law to purchase the STINAPA Marine Park Tag (Nature Fee). This fee is $45 per diver or $25 for all water-sports excluding diving.

You can purchase your STINAPA e-tag online at: www.bonairenaturefee.org

Please bring your printed STINAPA e-tag (QR-code) when you check in (either on phone or printed).

Preparing for a course


Medical statement

Prior to any course we will send you a medical statement. If any of the stated questions are answered with a YES, you must visit a doctor for a medical clearance. If you start the course with a ‘YES’ on the medical statement and you don’t have clearance from a medical doctor, you can’t start the course. Costs to reschedule the course will be charged to the guest.


Most courses require homework in advance. Students who didn’t complete their homework delay the course for other participants and might therefore not be able to continue the course. Extra costs to continue later on, will be charged to the guest.

Being late for a dive or a course

Dive Diva Bonaire will clearly communicate with you what time we arrive for your dive or course. If guests are late, we will wait a maximum of 15 minutes. If a guest misses a dive because of being late, there is no refund. Students might not be able to start or continue their course if showing up late.


If you have any other questions or comments about our terms and conditions, please contact us using the details below.